Hunting for Burgers at Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen (KFCK)

One evening, our Miri City crew went for food hunting at Piasau area after work. From our Foursquare, we found a nearby secret place known as KFCK. That’s right! We were hunting for burgers as we heard about the rave and craze from friends, many said that KFCK’s burgers are very delicious with its special…

Roses in the Colors of a Rainbow

Have you ever seen rainbow roses? They are exactly what they look like the normal roses, only appears to be in the colors of a rainbow. Rainbow Roses also found in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan. The idea was designed by Peter Van de Werken who is the owner of a flower company near Den Bosch in…

Valentine’s Day- What Color of Flower Should You Send

Understand your love, what color of flower should you send. Happy Valentine’s Day! Select the appropriate roses, for her. 情人节送花送什么色彩好呢?

How to Stop Continuous Coughing?

Keep Coughing? Try this method. It works! Press your left thumb with your right thumb’s nail. Swallow your saliva 3 times. 不停的咳嗽? 教你如何止咳. 有效喔!

Reduce Your Stressed Feeling with Desserts

When you’re stressed, you ear ice cream, chocolate and sweets. You know why? Because “stressed” spelled backwards is “Desserts”.

Understand What Your Dog is Talking About

Understand what your dog is talking about with the “DOGGIE LANGUAGE”. When talking about human’s best friend besides human, most people will probably refer to a dog. For those owning a dog, We understand sometimes you may not understand what your dog wants and what is it talking about. Your pet means everything to you,…

Valentine’s Day 60 Seconds Hot Kiss Get Free Food

Who want to go? Unlimited free food for couple making a 60 seconds hot kiss there on Valentine day from a restaurant called 乐Lofree. Free photograph provided for the participated couple too. 乐Lofree情人节热吻六十秒免费吃到饱!! Shanghai.

Powerful Grandma- One beats 12

Sometimes, we are lucky to catch an amazing photography at the right timing. All you need is a good camera at the perfect moment. It’s not easy to capture such an amazing photography, but they did it! Saw this interesting picture share from friends’ Internet circle. So, share with you here. Powerful GrandMa!One beats 12!…

16 Types Of People On Facebook

Facebook is very popular, almost everyday and all the time we are on Facebook. You should have noticed that we all have one of each of these types of friends on our list: 1) The “Lurker” Never posts anything or comments on your post, but reads everything, and might make reference to your status if…

Silverspoon Cafe Restaurant at Miri Waterfront

Looking at its eye-catching interior design from far away making you want to have a visit to this restaurant. It’s called “Silverspoon Cafe Restaurant” located at Waterfront Commercial Centre in Miri. The restaurant has a stategic location in the heart of Miri City where it is only distance away from the nearby offices, malls and…