McDonald’s launches new Strawberry Custard Pie, Strawberry Fiesta ice creams, and Brand New Mexican burger that are waiting for you!

1) Strawberry Custard Pie
Brand new strawberry cream pie! ! Strawberry addict can’t miss this.

2) Strawberry Fiesta
New Strawberry Flavor Ice Cream:
Strawberry Chocotop, Strawberry & Vanilla Cone, Strawberry Cone, Strawberry Sundae & Chocolate, Strawberry Sundae & Strawberry.

3) Mexicana Chicken Burger
An oversized crispy chicken patty, layered with creamy white cheddar cheese slices, red peppers, lettuce and tomatoes, top-flavored Jalepeno sauce and special ketchup, all sandwiched between a shiny glazed bread.


Mexican Chicken Burger!

Hola amigos! Introducing the all new Mexicana Chicken Burger that’s packed with a fiesta of scrumptious flavours! Head over to your nearest McDonald’s to try one today!