Bulatan Park Miri City (Taman Bulatan) is a park in Miri which consists of two man-made lakes. Recently there are even more people playing Pokémon GO game by jogging, walking or cycling in circle to hatch their Pokémon Eggs (2km, 5km and 10km) as well as catching Pokémons.

Bulatan Park Miri Pokestops

List of Pokéstops in Bulatan Park Miri City (View Larger version here)

Since you will need to collect a lot of Pokéballs from Pokéstops, here is an overview of Pokéstops in Bulatan Park Miri City. Enjoy and catch em all!

A famous spot for all health freaks in Miri. There are people jogging as early as 4:00am early in the morning and 4:00pm in the evening. Estimate each complete round is around 0.75 km in a circle.

Let’s have a look for all the Pokéstops in Bulatan Park Miri City by numbers:

1. Taman Bulatan Map & Sign

01. Taman Bulatan Map & Sign
2. Taman Bulatan Fountain

02. Taman Bulatan Fountain
3. Goldfish Fountain

03. Goldfish Fountain
4. Tei Tri Arch Way By The Lake

04. Tei Tri Arch Way By The Lake
5. Lake Clock Tower

05. Lake Clock Tower
6. Mystic Rainbow over the Blues

06. Mystic Rainbow over the Blues
7. The Colours Butterfly

07. The Colours Butterfly
8. Taman Bulatan Ziraffa

08. Taman Bulatan Ziraffa
9. Taman Bulatan Lion

09. Taman Bulatan Lion
10. Lion Club Timber

10. Lion Club Timber
11. Recycling Mural

11. Recycling Mural


Well, Pokémon hunters can catch a lot of Magikarp Pokémon in Bulatan Park Miri. As we know that 400 candies are needed to evolve a Magikarp to become Gyarados.

Magikarp to Gyarados


Where is Taman Bulatan Miri located? It is nearby Saberkas Commercial Centre Miri. See map below:

Bulatan Park Miri map