Where is Uncle Van in Miri

Where can I find Uncle Van in Miri?
Uncle Van, a legendary street vendor in Miri City, is famous for his delicious foods such as fish balls, siu mai, chicken wings, stuffed tofu, mee goreng, and various kuih muih.

One must not miss his signature Tofu Fah and Tong Sui desserts when visiting Miri. If you have the opportunity to encounter him in the Miri area, it’s definitely worth trying his specialties.

You can find Uncle Van at 013-835 7733 for information on his whereabouts and the areas he frequents, which include Open A Market, Piasau Industrial, Pelita Commercial, Marina Bay Phase 1 & 2, Krokop, Boulevard Commercial Centre, and others.

013-835 7733
Open A Market, piasau industrial, pelita commercial, Marina Bay phase 1 & 2,
krokop, boulevard commercial centre etc…

(Images: 杨帅 Victor Sarawak influencer)