Wei Tea Bar now in Senadin Miri

You can come here to try the beef rice bowl, which tastes right with black pepper.

Try a bite of the grilled cheese mushroom chicken rice, it is amazing, the flavor is enough, the chicken is fried in a very crispy way.

The beef skewers are seldom available, should try a plate, which is a lighter taste, satisfied with beef and kway teow.

The drinks are also delicious, lychee bubbles and red pomegranate bubbles, not too sweet, thumbs up!

The location is in Senadin near Nam Leong housing area, facing the road, easy to find, usually there is an ice cream truck parked in the open space opposite.

Contact Number: 0128898407

The menu and business hours are shown.
The store has joined food panda, and you can also order takeaway.

(Images via/courtesy of Wee Boon Ying)