TeaHaus Miri now with Lunch Menu

TeaHaus introduce the Nan Yang Style Lunch, with the menu;

TeaHaus 歡喜推出精緻午餐料理“南洋風情” ,午餐料理有;

酸辣榨菜雞飯 Chinese Mustard Chicken Rice
蜜汁蠔油雞飯 Honey Oyster Chicken Rice

南洋奶油雞飯 Nan Yang Butter Chicken Rice
特製檸香雞飯 Delight Lemon Chicken Rice
風味鮑貝麵線 Flavoured Baby Abalone Misua

優惠配套 Promo Package
凡是以原價購買任何一杯飲料, 皆可享有RM6.90的超值午餐料理! !
Lunch set at RM6.90 with purchase any 1 drink at normal price!!

單點一份 RM 10.90, Ala-carte at RM 10.90

從11.30am 至 2.00pm
Available from 11.30am till 2.00pm