Tea Co Pujut in Miri City

Tea Co Pujut in Miri City: A Must-Visit Bubble Tea Spot.

Tea Co Pujut in Miri City is a fantastic local bubble tea spot, perfect for when you crave a delicious drink.

Their cheese series is particularly popular, and they also have great dessert drinks like fruity tea and an assortment of Chinese snack biscuits. Though the place is small, it exudes a cozy charm.

What We Love About Tea Co Pujut:
– Comfortable Interior: The place is clean, well-arranged, and very comfortable.
– Unique Bread Section: Near the counter, there’s a self-serve bread section. Simply slide the glass, grab and pick your bread. they are particularly known for their buns, Junnvpiang (征东饼), and Mangi (马耳).
– Efficient Service: The staff work quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal wait time.

Tea Co Pujut Miri 茶控
1870, Jin Jepang 1, Lutong,
98000, Sarawak

Really love this place! Make sure to check it out next time you’re in Miri City.