Strawberry Tower now at Feng Cha Miri City

The lady boss at Feng Cha Miri introduced that the Strawberry Tower is really good.



营业时间 11am-11pm

地点在Imperial Mall对面区,28咖啡店后面,ANO Hotel同一栋新开在角头间。 — at 奉茶 FengCha – Miri

The strawberry is sour with cream, sunflower seeds and oatmeal.

The fruit tea is also very good. I have not reduced sugar, and the taste is similar to the slight sugar that I usually drink at the beverage store.

Basically, drinks are not as sweet as other beverage stores. Super recommended!

(Images/info via/courtesy of HL Miky, 奉茶 Feng Cha – Miri)


Checkout the menu of Feng Cha:

Interior designs.

Address: 奉茶 Feng Cha – Miri
Lot 1756, Block 9, MCLD, Jalan Royal, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.

地点就在Ano hotel 的 Pelicana chicken 隔壁, prudential building后面哦

(Images/info via/courtesy of HL Miky, 奉茶 Feng Cha – Miri)