Special Burrito found in Miri City Summer Cafe


Because of the arrival of CMCO, the old customers asked us if we started taking out Tapao. Now let’s tell you that we are starting to run again. Welcome everyone to place orders.

Burrito food taste:

Chicken ham
Tuna (own special made)
Scallion pancakes

Choose two kinds of side dishes

Vegetable mashed potatoes
Fried pancakes

Drink selection
Lemon tea ice
Honey Lemon Ice
Lemon ice

Another addition: cheese (cheddar cheese) Rm1_

Delivery time: 11:30AM-1PM
Because now, we can’t crawl around, so the only place to meet is as follows. Please forgive me for any inconvenience.

Fuel price
We take Krokop as the center point and the price is Rm3-Rm5

You can also come to pick up the meal yourself at Summer Cafe, Krokop 9.

Interested friends can pm or contact WhatsApp

(Images: Xiang Hui)