Silverspoon Cafe Restaurant at Miri Waterfront

Looking at its eye-catching interior design from far away making you want to have a visit to this restaurant. It’s called “Silverspoon Cafe Restaurant” located at Waterfront Commercial Centre in Miri. The restaurant has a stategic location in the heart of Miri City where it is only distance away from the nearby offices, malls and hotels.

Silverspoon Cafe Restaurant at Waterfront Miri
Silverspoon interior design
Attractive design in Silverspoon Cafe

A perfect place for those who like to have a great lunch, hanging out, or parties for a dinner treat at night with friends or families. The restaurant has a refreshing, clean and bright interior, even its toilet is so decorative.

Beautiful design in Silverspoon toilet

Over here, you will find variety of delicate cuisines at affordable prices. Yet, some dishes are expensive.

Silver spoons
The Silverspoon menu
Chocolate and Vanilla milkshakes
Chicken in Basket with French Fries
Mushroom Pot Pie
Salad Bacon and Mushroom Pot Pie

The restaurant serves soupy desserts, sandwiches, fried rice, salads, and appetisers. However, non-halal pork and barbecued items are the main focus of its dishes its food menu.

Its specialty pork dishes include:

  • salt & pepper pork ribs
  • deep fried pork belly with chilli lime
  • pork meatballs
  • pork skewers
  • bacon & mushroom pie
  • bacon & chicken pie
  • breaded pork mustard rice
  • pork leg rice
  • pork belly soy with cheesy mashed potato
  • pork burgers
  • barbecue pork ribs
  • bacon-wrapped cocktail sausages

For rice lovers, it is worth trying its Spicy Pork and Lucheon Meat Fried Rice, taste simply delicious!

Spicy Pork and Lucheon Meat Fried Rice