Signature Sesame Chicken Rice at Li Hai Cafe Miri

Miri City’s Famous signature Sesame Chicken Rice at Li Hai Cafe Miri.
Freshly baked sesame chicken with fragrant chicken rice!




At Li Hai Cafe here, you can also find tummy and delicious barbecued pork rice.

You will love their roasted meat, the taste and texture are great.
Roast Pork Rice Rm6
Sesame Chicken Rice Rm5
Barbecued pork + roast pork rice-Rm8
Sesame Chicken + Roast Pork/Barbecued Pork-Rm7
A chicken-Rm28
Half a chicken-Rm15
Roasted Pork/Barbecued Pork-1kg-Rm60

Tips: nearby Dr. Teo Clinic Miri Waterfront area.
(Images/info via/courtesy of Victor Yong)