Rong Kee Traditional Roasted Delight in Piasau Miri

Looking for some mouthwatering Hong Kong-style roasted meats in Miri City?

Look no further than Rong Kee Traditional Roasted Delight! Located in the Piasau Industria area, just behind E-Best Supermarket, this hidden place has a delicious selection of meats cooked using traditional charcoal grilling methods.

From succulent roast duck to flavorful char siu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this must-try culinary experience!

Address: 榮记传统炭烤港式烧腊
Rong Kee Traditional Roasted Delight
Piasau Industria area
Behind (E-Best Supermarket)

(Images: 杨师 Victor)