Night Views of Miri Times Square Marina ParkCity

Special night views of the newly completed offices in Miri Times Square Marina ParkCity. The new Miri Times Square! 美里时代广场. There is a clock situated in the middle of the Times Square Commercial.

Surpassing traditional shops, the shopfronts adjoin each other without breaks. Collectively, the seamless parade of shopfronts makes a stronger visual impression on shoppers than traditional ones.

A revolutionary shopping experience is coming to Miri Times Square at Marina ParkCity! Highstreet-fronting shops with double-volume space with mezzanine floor. Motorcourt-fronting shops with double-volume space with mezzanine floor. Courtyard-fronting shops with double-volume space.

An appealing commercial venue which is sited on a 19.2-acre plot, Miri Times Square comprises offices, SOHO units, first class arcade-fronting high-street retail shops and elevated courtyard retails that connect patrons to energized public places & spaces.

Designed to be the top address for work, shopping, dining and entertainment that will delight and surprise visitors with its open-air, walk able, safe and vibrant environment.

4 distinctive components with individual architecture and ambiance

Bursting with life and endless business opportunities, set in a venue slated to be the top address for living, work, shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Famous franchise, Harvey Norman from Australia provides a wide range of Electrical, Computers, Furniture and Bedding products is going to open its first store in Miri City at Miri Times Square.

It’s also the first ever “Small office/ Home office” concept in Miri, SOHOS Kenyalang Corner is the epitome of convenience, comfort, and flexibility.