Largest Water Theme Park in East Malaysia Miri City

A well-known Miri businessman (Miri Housing) developer Dato Lau Siu Wai is planning another mega size water theme park project in Senadin with the hope to transformed Senadin area into ‘Venice of the East’, a lively residential estate.

By then, this will be the first and largest theme park in East Malaysia. The project with extensive area over 500 acres is situated nearby Curtin University and Curtin Water. Once completed, it is believed to exceed the size of Sunway Lagoon water theme park in West Malaysia.

The new water theme park resort township would consist:

  • Giant waterslides, water tubes, swimming and wading pools.
  • Two hotels.
  • Six blocks of condominium towers.
  • A commercial centre.
  • A mega mall boasting two million square feet of retail space which is larger than the current Bintang Megamall, owned by Miri Housing.
  • Lakes and water canals for canoes and small boats to ply all the way to the South China Sea, a hub for water sports, kayaking, and canoeing activities.

This mammoth project is estimated to cost about One Billion Ringgit and it would be developed in 3 phases. Phase I is scheduled to start after Chinese New Year 2013, and the whole 3 phases are scheduled to be completed in the coming five years time.