Kornia’s Recipe Permy Miri

This restaurant offers a nice and good taste of noodles for halal food, particularly for lovers of mee jawa. You pay a good price and worth for the try.

Recommended Mee Jawa Special. A decent breakfast venue.

The KUIHs are a little costly, BUT… The taste is ridiculously delightful!TRY all of them guy! It’s worth the buy!

There’s quite a scrumptious and tasty Mee Jawa Special. Satay and extra beef meat on the side. You know, check it out! It’s worthwhile.

It’s tasty. And a wonderful menu for those who want to try it. It’s just delicious and give this restaurant 5 stars.


Lot 2108, Grd floor, Phase 1, Marina Square, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.