Introduce New Sanga Izakaya To Miri Town

Sanga Izakaya (山河居酒屋) is casual places for after-work drinking. Izakaya are often called akachochin (Red lantern) after red lanterns traditionally displayed outside.

Our typical izakaya dishes include Pork kushi (串烧)skewered, Sashimi, Don(丼饭), Nabe (Japanese Hotpot), Ramen.

Meanwhile, our typical drink is Asahi cold draughts Beer, Carlsberg beer, and imported Japanese Sake and Shochu.

Sanga Japanese Food

Lot 551,Ground Floor, MCLD, Pelita Commercial
Centre, 98000 Miri
(百利达, 2020 茶室附近,
Tel:085 – 410070

(Images/info shared by Daniel Jia to MCSC)