Hong Kong-Style Roast Meat now at Summer Cafe Miri

Good news Miri people, Rong Hua Hong Kong-Style Roast Meat can now be found at Summer Cafe Miri, Krokop area.

The taste will not lose to “a certain roast meat shop” ! Especially the roasting sauce is very fragrant, not too salty, (chicken breast) meat not so dry, the amount of noodles is more in portion, the meat is also very crisp and refreshing! ! The boss is very particular about, the chicken is selected, even the soup is not ordinary broth, is a soup cooked with spicy dishes, very good!

Cheap price! ! ! Recommended

地点:珠芭九号路的Summer cafe(档口)

早上9am to 2pm (烧腊饭)
晚上5.30pm to 9pm (烧腊饭和面)

价钱:鸡胸加烧肉面RM6.50 / 烧肉面RM5.50


(Images via/courtesy of Yorohiko Chung)