Homelite Resort Water Theme Park Lifestyle Apartments Miri City

Looking for water theme park lifestyle condominiums? Lap up on those frequent flyer points and purchase the greatest holiday that will last you a lifetime! Homelite Resort is your home away from home, giving you the never ending Caribbean treat that you could never afford for more than a few weeks. Based on a resort-style concept, Homelite Resort offers you astounding landscaping with Sarawak’s first tropical water-theme park that will sweep away any disillusionments of mundane life! This sunny treat is a one of a kind home project that boasts 85 units of condominiums, allowing with the smattering of double-storey semi-ds for those who are looking for a permanent ‘holiday’ abode.

Homelite Resort Water Theme Park Lifestyle

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Homelite Resort Apartment Type A

Homelite Resort Apartment Type B

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Homelite Resort Miri Address Location Map.


(Sun and Fun)

A sunny treat awaits you whether you are stepping onto your balcony and taking in the sights or as you swing into the park lot after a busy day of work. With exotic and striking décor, tropical huts and colourful pieces littered all over the housing area, rejuvenate your day by winding down with a relaxing evening or pick things up with a tropical party atmosphere as you would on a wild holiday night! Homelite Resort is your refreshing, fun-filled lifestyle choice where you can enjoy five-star treatment in your living space.
(Home with a Splash!)

With outstanding water features based on a multi-tiered fun experience, Homelite Resort is home to a cascading assortment of water-based facilities such as a sprawling swimming pool, double-loop slide and watch tower, oval-shaped water playground, splash play pool to suit every generation of the family. There is something for everyone! If the water isn’t your type of sport then the gym, sauna and indoor game room are sure to tickle your holiday spirit! End or start the days with a off the beat party or enjoy a quiet afternoon reading or playing games with friends in the multi-function lounge.

Unit : 85
Land Area : 3.7 acres
Built Up Area :
Type A = 162 m2
Type B = 130m2
Penthouse (single storey) = 287m2
Penthouse (double storey) = 320m2

Price : RM 378,000 – 1,388,000

Homelite Resort Site Swimming Pool Map