Halo Halo Miri – Place to eat Rojak Cendol in Taman Tunku

A good-looking Cendol shop, with great food. I recommend Cucur Rojak. It has fried shrimp cakes, dried tofu and fried sweet potatoes.

Location is opposite to Taman Tunku Miri Everwin Store, next to pavillion food court — at Halo Halo Miri

还不错吃的Cendol店,卖相和食物不错吃值得一试推荐它家Cucur Rojak,里面有炸虾饼,豆腐干,炸番薯好好吃

地点在东故村Everwin对面,pavillion food court — at Halo Halo Miri

(Images via/courtesy of Miku Siong)