Curry House at Permy Jaya Miri

Through Facebook, we found a newly opened cafe called “Curry House” owned by Chinese selling all curry delicacies during this year’s dumpling festival.

Curry Dumpling

It was located opposite the Good Taste Bak Kut Teh Restaurant Permy branch. So, we planned to visit the place to try out its curry dumpling. The curry dumpling was damn good, not only delicious and yummy, but rich of ingredients. So happy because this was our first time to try a curry dumpling. The small curry dumpling is RM4.00 while the big one is RM4.50. Still very expensive for the local people.

Curry House Permy Jaya Miri

Curry house offers just about every type of curry dining. Also not be missed is the curry lamb.

Curry Lamb
Teh-C Special