CRAZY MIX GRILL now in Old House Canteen Miri

If you still wondering what to eat during family gathering or birthday parties, CRAZY MIX GRILLED is your best choice!

家庭聚会,生日聚餐 不知道要选什么吃的时候 CRAZY MIX GRILLED 是你们最好的选择! 

这一份里有,羊扒,猪扒,鸡扒,鱼扒,sotong ring, salad,薯条,意大利面还有四种sauces可以搭配 

这一份是 5至6人份! 很划算 又可以吃到每一种类的扒 

It’s include lamb chop,  pork chop, chicken chop,  fish and chips, French fries,  salad, and classic tomato spaghetti. And 4types of sauces.

Crazy mix grilled can serve 5 to 6 person. It’s affordable and delicious.