Cheng’s Hainanese Chicken Rice Menu at 8 Lotus Miri

Good food Good mood. Love their family’s chicken rice, and then with chicken broth. Delicious! There is also a side dish and fruit, which is simply a balanced diet of chicken rice.

Business hours: 9am-4.30pm
Location: 8 Lotus opposite the Imperial Mall Miri — eating lunch at Cheng’s Hainanese Chicken Rice.

大爱他们家的鸡饭,再配上鸡肉清汤 好吃!又有配菜和水果,根本就是一份饮食均衡的鸡饭
地点:8 lotus 帝宫对面 — eating 午餐 at 阿诚海南鸡饭 Cheng’s Hainanese Chicken Rice.

(Images via/courtesy of Rainy Yong)