Chen Wang Kopitiam in Miri

Exciting news in Miri – a new breakfast & lunch spot is now in Miri City! Chen Wang Kopitiam will serve delicious pork lard kampua noodles with special minced pork, and don’t miss out on the enticing black vinegar noodles!

They also have pork floss buns for a tasty twist. Your go-to place for a diverse breakfast and lunch selection is right here at Chen Wang.

How can lunch be complete without checking in to eat in Miri? Here, you can try Mom’s boneless chicken leg curry rice, indulge in oversized fried chicken cutlet rice, pan-fried chicken cutlet rice, and chicken salad rice! Digging into meaty delights is truly exhilarating!

Craving Miri’s famous gohzhaobi kampua and black vinegar noodles, along with bakkwa bun? Head over to Chen Wang and give them a try! Don’t forget to try their laksa, roti kahwin and Teh C iced special.

Special Creative drinks!

晨旺咖啡店 Chen Wang Kopitiam Miri
Lot 1401 Grand Floor, Jalan Jee Foh 2, Krokop, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.
016 858 0002

(Images: Natalie Ku, Esther Wong, Yian Yian Kho)