Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice Menu in Marina Miri

Enjoy a flavor-filled journey at Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice in Marina Miri!

Quench your thirst with revitalizing fruit juices and indulge in the signature icy goodness of fruit shaved ice. When ordering, consider the bowl option, especially if you’re sharing, as the portions are generously sized – even the small bowl promises a delightful treat. Tea series, milk shake series, desserts and snack series are also available.

Beyond the scrumptious offerings, bask in the warmth of the welcoming staff, making your visit a truly enjoyable experience.

Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice Marina Miri
Lot 1995, Ground Floor, Marina Square, Phase 2, Jalan Marina 3, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.