30km Long Brunei Temburong Bridge

Great news! Brunei Temburong Bridge is completing! So, in the future, it will only take 2-3 hours for the people in Sabah and Sarawak to go in and out between them.

This 30-km-long project is the longest cross-sea bridge in ASEAN. It is the largest and most socially influential transportation infrastructure project in Brunei. (Costs 1.6 billion Brunei dollars). Driving from Brunei to Temburong will be shortened from the existing 1 hour and 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

汶莱淡武廊跨海大桥 (Brunei Temburong Bridge) 完成了!

The bridge is currently being built by both Daelim, a South Korean company, and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), a Chinese state-owned company.

Temburong is not far from Lawas in Sarawak. After opening to traffic, it will arrive at Temburong from the capital of Brunei along the sea-crossing bridge and drive directly to Lawas and Sipitang, Sabah. This greatly shortened the journey from Brunei to Sabah as well as from Lawas to Sabah.

这条全长30公里,属东盟最长的跨海大桥的工程,是由中国承建及韩国公司参与,是汶莱规模最大、最具社会影响力的交通基础设施项目,工程约50亿令吉 (耗资16亿汶币)。从汶莱斯市驱车至淡武廊将从现有的1小时30分缩短至20分钟

淡武廊县距离砂拉越的老越 (Lawas) 不远,通车后,从汶莱首都沿跨海大桥抵淡武廊,直驱老越 (Lawas) 及沙巴的实必丹(Sipitang, Sabah)。这大大地缩短了从汶莱首都通往沙巴的路程

这条大桥预计在今年杪竣工,2020年初通车 (文:凡恩)

(Images/video/info shared via/courtesy of 砂拉越人人晚报 Sarawak Evening Times, Ministry of Development, Projek Brunei Temburong Bridge, borl149za)