24 hours Foodcourt in Miri City

Introducing the 24-hour Food Court in Miri City!

Emart Riam Miri’s 24-hour Food Court is set to open in June 2024. They are now cordially invite all food vendors to this exciting venture. Whether you specialize in roasted meats, Fuzhou cuisine, Western dishes, clay pot delicacies, Nasi Lemak, Malay cuisine, Roti Prata, Dim Sum, Pan Mee/Curry Mee/Pork Leg Mee, Fish Head Bee Hoon/Pork Noodles, and more, welcome you!

For those interested can find:
Mr. Peter Wei Feng Moh: 0108022332
Mr. Ken: 0143331239

Address: BR Riam Food Court 24 Hours
Miri Riam, nearby JPJ, beside Tea co.

(Images: ChoonKen Cheong)