Ejal’s Cheesecake- supply, cater and deliver Baked Cheesecake and Non-baked Cheesecake, Malay Traditional Kueh (variety of Kueh Talam & Kueh Bingka). It also sells Kek Lapis Sarawak and Kek Lapis Roll. The place where you can order your delightful, delicious desserts for your tea time.

Ejal’s Cheesecake, Bingka Cheese, Bingkai Durian, and Kueh Mueh

Cheesecake: Oreo, ChocoCheese, Strawberry swirl, Blueberry swirl and Kiwi swirl.
Cookie: Chocolate chip cookies, walnut cookies.
Kueh Mueh: Seri Muka Pandan, Talam Keladi, Bingka Jagung, Bingka Cheese, Bingka Labu.
Agar-agar or Pudding: Pelangi, Chocolate, Fruitii.

Ejal’s Cheesecake Plain O’ Bun Bun – 25 pieces per box

Ejal’s Cheesecake
Address: 1523, Jalan Pujut 7D, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
HP: 016-870 7915

Ejal’s Seri Muka Pandan and Talam Keladi