Crispy Bitter Gourd with Salt Egg

The Little Chef 小厨师 Crispy Bitter Gourd with Salt Egg (招牌苦瓜炒咸蛋)

Swiss Roll by Cake Talk Boulevard Commercial Centre Miri

Cake Talk 烘焙达人 Lot 2425, Blk 5 Boulevard Commercial Centre. Tel: 085-245 525

I like Cheezy Wedges

I like Cheezy wedges at KFC Restaurant.

Delicious Tarts at Dessert Master Miri

Egg Tarts of different flavours at Dessert Master Miri

ZenQ Desserts Now Opened at Boulevard Miri

ZenQ Desserts is now opened at Boulevard Commerical Centre, Miri. Another great place for Mirians to enjoy desserts with free WIFI. ZenQ currenly has wide range of desserts and drinks available from Grass Jelly series, Barley series, Red Bean Soup series, Shaved Ice series, Sago series, Iced Tea series & Freshly made series. However, the…